Take control of how you lead change

Design and deliver large-scale change with the world’s first and only step-by-step business transformation framework.

How is the HERO Transformation Framework different from traditional change management approaches?

Value focused

Evidence based

Two-way accountability

Step-by-step playbook

Not about “soft” change

Address the real dysfunctions of transformation

The HERO Transformation Framework is a clear and detailed methodology for overcoming the five dysfunctions of transformations:

  • Not focusing on value
  • Not removing blockers
  • Lack of metrics and measurement
  • Poor transformation vision
  • Lack of board/CEO sponsorship

We provide all the tools you require to design your transformation, and to ensure you reach your transformation outcome. It includes all the roles, processes, meetings, governance and templates for you to apply to your transformation today.

Obsessively crafted tools to tackle the sources of pain

Built by the expert practitioners behind the some of world’s most valuable business transformations, the HERO Transformation Framework details how large-scale organizational change happens from start-to-finish.

Because we know what works and what doesn’t from experience, we’ve stripped the fluff out of change management methodology, leaving you with only practical step-by-step instructions.

Built by the best in the business

Meet the creators of the HERO Transformation Framework

Arif Harbott

Arif is a high-growth CTO and digital leader with a specialism working with organizations undergoing large-scale transformation or disruption.

His experience has spanned multiple industries, where he has managed extensive budgets c.$1bn+, P&L $900m+ and led teams of 1,000+ people.

Cuan Mulligan

Cuan is a digital transformation executive who has led and worked on some of the largest transformation programmes in Europe over the last 15 years. Running his own consultancy, he has worked with organizations such as Paypal, Bwin, McKinsey Digital and Schroders to deliver transformations across a variety of sectors.

Lay the foundations for success with transformation design

To get organizational alignment from the get-go, the framework first helps you focus the outcomes of your business transformation on enterprise value.

Following six pragmatic steps, the Design phase of the HERO Transformation Framework lays solid strategic foundations to stop blockers and senior disengagement causing headaches further down the line.

A proven approach to delivery that achieves your transformation outcomes

The Delivery phase of the HERO Transformation Framework helps you practically organise a team to work toward your measurable and worthwhile outcome.

From assigning roles and responsibilities to proactively managing blockers, the five-part process will keep your whole organization engaged and on track for success.

The acceleration of digital technologies presents companies with new opportunities and challenges. This framework offers a compelling methodology to transform for the digital age, and not to succumb to it.

Gianvito Lanzolla

Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School

It's time to take control

If convincing people to work in a different way was easy, the world of business would look very different.

Only progressive organizations are ready for true transformative change. The HERO Transformation Framework provides the structure every change leader needs to get buy-in from stakeholders and generate results that matter.

We passionately believe that if we can help you learn how to deliver successful transformations it will make organizations all over the world better and more resilient. Ultimately this will improve the world of work for everyone, especially future generations.

Choose how you access and apply the framework


HERO Transformation Playbook

Follow our proven, evidence-based framework from start-to-finish with our best selling illustrated desk-guide.


HERO Transformation Management Office

Easily measure day-to-day progress, budget and impact to keep your transformation on track with our purpose built digital tool.


Transformation HERO Consultant Certification

Fast-track your ability to design and deliver successful business transformations with expert-led online interactive training.

Don't spend another day sleepwalking into a transformation disaster.

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