Manage your entire transformation in one place

Track the day-to-day delivery of your transformation and visualise the impact on your organization with the cloud-based HERO Transformation Management Office software.

A program management solution packed with tools to keep you in control

Full tracking

See how your transformation is performing by measuring progress toward delivering your desired outcome.


Strategic modification

Manage value, not just tasks and quickly make adjustments to your plan if you are off track.


Data visualizations

Access and illustrate important decision-making data so you are always focussing your energy on the right initiatives.


Automated reporting

Create and export custom reports in a few clicks to significantly reduce time spent on manual admin.


Built for the front line of running change

Executives and change sponsors

Quickly assess the health of your transformation and keep up to date with the latest performance, budgets and progress at any time of day.

Change management leaders

Track, manage and steer the performance of your transformation programs across 1000’s of initiatives.

Initiative owners

The easy to use, intuitive interface, means that project managers can focus on getting work done rather than do endless reporting.


  • Set your Transformation Outcome and link to bottom up contributions
  • Create clear goals and KPIs for transformation success 
  • Prioritise the most important initiatives based on impact


  • Sophisticated tracking acts as a single source of truth for transformation performance 
  • See progress towards outcomes and budgets 
  • Get clear visibility on what is blocking progress


  • Easily visualize initiatives and measure impact over time 
  • All the best charts and reports to run your transformation out of the box
  • Transparent reporting available for the whole transformation team


  • Make real time adjustments to correct performance 
  • Unblock the roadblocks that impede progress 
  • Make adjustments to business cases as you get more information

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