Most transformations fail. Don’t let yours be one of them.


A step by step guide for delivering large-scale change.

The HERO Transformation Playbook helps you successfully implement your most challenging and difficult transformations by focusing everything on creating measurable value.

The book launches on the 22nd September 2020.
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The HERO Transformation Playbook is for anyone looking to increase their
chance of transformation success.

The HERO Transformation Playbook guides you through a proven, evidence-based framework that will reduce the risk of transformation failure. Based on 20 years of continuous work with clients on large scale transformation efforts, we’ve developed the HERO framework for enterprise transformations that work. It’s based on one simple principle that is easy to understand but harder to put in practice: value must be the focus at every step.

Fed up with a wealth of online content that talks about transformation theories, change accelerators and
the ‘how to’ of change; yet stop short of describing
exactly what steps you should follow?

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About The Authors

Authors Arif Harbott and Cuan Mulligan have developed the definitive transformation playbook for any CEO, CIO, or transformation leader who is ready to confront the hard truths of what it really takes to change an organisation for the better.

They are practitioners. Originally conceived as a handbook for the authors to train leaders and teams, this is not a high-level business book that casts a philosophical eye over the ‘why’ of change. The HERO Transformation Playbook is designed by practitioners with decades of real world results and reveals a strictly evidence-based framework and step-by-step methodology, distilling what has truly worked into strategies and practices to follow and implement.

We fundamentally believe that managing ‘the work’ at the heart of an enterprise transformation will result in more informed decision making and ultimately, better outcomes. For us, it’s about creating a learning organisation while developing an internal mechanism that allows companies to evolve, meet, and beat competitors and market conditions.

What's Inside

The Five Dysfunctions of Transformations

Learn why so many transformations fail when they have large budgets, excellent people, and strong business cases, and how the HERO framework was designed to address them.


The second part is a deep dive into Transformation Design. This is where you determine where you want to go and how much Enterprise Value this will create.


The third section addresses the most challenging part of transformations, actually delivering it. Here you will find all the tools and tips you need to set up for delivery success.

Who Needs the HERO Transformation Playbook?

Only the most forward-thinking and progressive organizations who are ready for true transformative change. You are going to need to rock the boat to generate meaningful results. The HERO Transformation Playbook will teach you how to prepare your  organization for this transformational change and how to get buy-in from stakeholders that empowers and enables your change program to generate results that matter.

The HERO Transformation Playbook is designed as an effective and practical desk-guide for those leading transformations. This group includes C-suite execs who have commissioned a transformation, as well as team leaders and consultants who are advising on and facilitating transformation delivery.

Similarly, if you have a change effort that is currently failing, and are ready to legitimately measure, direct, and track value to finally see positive results, The HERO Transformation Playbook will help you cut through the noise – the roadblocks and the obstacles – and find clarity.


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