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90% of transformations fail.
Yours doesn't have to be one of them.

Apply our proven framework to design and deliver a transformation that delivers real value to your organization.

Value focused

Evidence based

Two-way accountability

Step-by-step playbook

Not about “soft” change

Successful transformation requires visionary leadership, creating a compelling cause and destination, but it also demands an effective process and plan to make sure it happens: HERO helps you achieve both.

Charles Vivian

Managing Director, North Highland Consulting

No More Guesswork

Done right, successful transformations make your organization more competitive, resilient and valuable. 

Done wrong, you won’t want to be around to find out. 

Leveraging two decades of transformation expertise, we have codified how successful large-scale change happens, from start to finish. 

Our obsessively crafted tools and services help you confidently put our step-by-step framework into practice.

Think transformation. Think HERO.

Choose how you become a transformation HERO


HERO Transformation Playbook

Follow our proven, evidence-based framework from start-to-finish with our best selling illustrated desk-guide.


HERO Transformation Management Office

Take control of day-to-day progress, budget and impact to keep your transformation on track with our purpose built digital tool.


Transformation HERO Consultant Certification

Fast-track your ability to design and deliver successful business transformations with our impact focused training course.

Don't spend another day sleepwalking into a transformation disaster.

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